In the heavy ice and snow of Montana, you need a set of tires that can get you safely to your destination. Snow tires are a more traditional, and usually very safe, choice for driving in icy conditions. But not everyone knows how treacherous winter can be in the deep parts of our state.

When usual snow tires won't cut it, come to our technicians. We'll perform studding services on your tires to make sure that they have the grip and grit you need to travel these roads safely.

We Stud Tires

Studded tires are tires with hard plastic, metal or tungsten carbide cleats imbedded in them in order to increase the traction of your tires on ice. These spokes will grip the icy surface and stick to it- which gives your vehicle greater stability on icy roads near Big Sky, MT and surrounding areas.

Let the team at MobiTires take care of your snow tires. We'll get them studded up for you in no time.

Do I Need Studded Tires?

If your vehicle is mainly being driven on a well-traveled highway or through regularly maintained areas, then no you don't need them and you shouldn't get them. Under well-maintained conditions, studded tires can actually create less traction than regular snow tires. Studded tires are for vehicles that travel along rural roads or isolated parts of the state.

If you live in a deeply wooded or rural area, and you know that no city snowplow will be hauling you out any time soon- this service is for you.

Contact MobiTires

For a snow tire studding service that can't be beat, call the experts at MobiTires. We'll keep you safe on the icy roads when you're driving in or around Big Sky, MT and surrounding areas.






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